217. city break: I AMsterdam

Song of the day: Hideaway - Kiesza

'you're just a chance I take to keep on dreaming
you're just another day that keeps me breathing'

Place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Time: second weekend of November
Transport: by bus from Dortmund (meinfernbus.de)
Seen: Amsterdam city centre, Rijksmuseum, Blumenmarkt, Amsterdamse Bos (the forest, where we camped :-)

ENG: Being in such a great localisation, which Ruhrgebiet obviously is, I could not resist the temptation to travel all around the place! Last weekend I was in Amsterdam, the craziest place in Europe mosly known from legalization of different stuff forbidden everywhere else (more info on the sucject you can find for example here).
To be honest, this weekend trip was kind of full of failures, but which traveller have not experienced them? So now I am rich with knowledge and willing to pass it to you, in case you ever want to travel there.

What you should know about staying in Amsterdam:

1) Amsterdam is expensive. Really. In case you are over 18 years old, and planning to visit any museum, the experience cost you around 15EUR at leaast. The same price goes for a meal in restaurant. 

2) On Saturday, even in November, the streets are very crowded. I mean it, I spent 2hours wandering round streets in the evening just to fing some free table. So unelss you are bounded by worktime, you'd better go off weekend.

3) Think through you commuting plan. There are (at least..) two providers of public transportation. GVB is the main one, it covers trams, metro, and some buses. You can buy 24h (7.50EUR) or 48h (12EUR) ticket for those. Watch out, you can buy the ticket inside the trams , but you need to have exact amount in coins. Otherwise single ticket ride cost 2.80EUR. As for another provider (Conexxion - buses and night buses) the single ride ticket for a bus cost 5EUR. More info here.

4) Thinking about staying at camping outside city center? May be not so good idea. Be careful, there are lots of extra charges (eg. for heating, for using the shower, ect.). Besides, the cost of communication (both ticketprice, and time) may make this stay actually more expensive than a hostel in city centre. The camping is a perfect place in summer, and when you are more concerned about resting in a peaceful atmoshpere than going crazy partying.

Amsterdam is undeniable a beautiful city, and a perfect place for shopping, partying, or simply getting lost in the city centre admiring the beauty of architecture. If you are planning a trip and have any questions, do not hesitate to write me! 


Up, from top left: cheese shop; Nieuwmarkt by the night; red light district; those bikes everywhere!; failed attempt to make a photo of myself and the whole Iamsterdam momument; Munttoren.
Down: me and my tiny camping house; the canal in red light district by day.

Wearing: white top - atmosphere, trousers - h&m, bubble gum shoes  - nike (rosherun)

photo: biotechnology / kuba

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