205. Tabelina green beanie

Today wearing: pantera shirt - cubus, skinny jeans, bag - atmosphere, scarf - C&A, green sneakrers - converse, beanie - Tabelina 

Song of the day: Pumpin Blood - NoNoNo

'It's a magical feeling that no one's got a home
You're out calling, still young, happiness in all'

ENG: Walking in the park on the autumn day I was admiring the beauty of this season - very inspiring when it comes to styling ;-) Kept warm by the Tabelina beanie (by the way, did you know that dragonfly is the symbol of dreams coming true?)  Luckily I managed to survive the sudden drop of temperatures with style. Brr! 


204. where the wild roses grow / nude dress

Today wearing: dress - H&M, coat - mango, necklace - zara, bag - sh, shoes - new look.

Song of the day: Vampire Smile - Kyla La Grange

'I wanna scar that looks just like you,
till then I gotta learn how to be a better fool'

ENG: Today 'not so much to say' day. I took those photos last weekend. The nude dress turned out to be very warm piece of cloth, definately too warm to go together with this coat - guess it would be perfect in winter. P.S. Song of today is really hypnotizing.


203. leopard loafers

Today wearing: tshirt - cubus, jacket - h&m%, leggins - zara, leopard loafers - new look, brown bag - new look, rings - topshop, collar necklace - gina tricot.

'Sorta feels like I’m running out of time
I haven’t found what I was hoping to find'

PL: Zacznę kontrowersyjnie: jesień to moja ulubiona pora roku. Nie za zimno, nie za ciepło, w sam raz by odkurzyć ulubione swetry  i korzystać z ostatnich promieni słońca. Jesienią mam też najwięcej motywacji do nauki i zmian. Cóż, w tym roku zmianą jest to, że postanowiłam nic nie zmieniać (nawet koloru włosów!) ;-) Dziś na zdjęciach mój typowy strój na co dzień - płaskie buty, spodnie, t-shirt z nadrukiem, marynarka (lub sweter) i dużo biżuterii.

ENG: To start with, I must confess: I love autumn. It's my favourite season. Not too hot, not too cold,I've always asocciated it with fresh starts and a lot of motivation to work, study and change your life :-) Today I present my typical casual outfit: flats, tshirt with print, trousers, jacket (or sweater) and a lot of jewelery.