212. South Sweden - biking tour

top photo: Agata 

Song of the day: Maybe this time - Ok Go
What? Wild Camping!
Where? Sweden
When? 1-10 August 14'
Distance: 320-450km (depending on the individual)
Transport: Stena Line ferry from Gdynia (Poland) to Karlsrona (Sweden), bikes.

Together with my three friends I spend the first half of August admiring the beauty of Sweden. We were wild camping across the south of the country (it's legal there to camp for one night anywhere, as long as you don't disturb anyone). On average we made 35km per day, which was the optimal as we wanted to spend part of the day chilling (and also our heavy backpacks and tents were not helping). We managed to see the beautiful woods with its habitants - mooses, Kalmar, the island Oland, Torhamn and Karlskrona. Enjoy the pictures :-)


First stop: cementary. Why? Well, you can fill up your bottle and charge up your battery. In Sweden even the water from cementary is a drinking water.

My tiny tent & me, so the wild-camiping in Sweden:

Bird-watchers heaven, the bird breeding area:

Feeding the mooses:


211. Portugal & aztec outfit

Wearing: aztec top - bik bok, shirt - h&m, skirt - h&m, aztec loafers - atmosphere, necklace - some portuguese souvenir shop

'he said his name was Mr Dumpty
but she could call him Humpty
if she choose'

ENG: One thing about blogging is that during holidays it does't really make sense. Summertime is too beautiful to spend it in front of the screen - that type of entertaiment I leave for gloomy autumn and frosty winter. I spend last two months on travelling and taking a deep breath after finishing (one of) my studies. May and June were painful this year, as I had to submit my thesis (revised like a million times..) and focus on work. After last exams and last day at work I basically dissapeared just to enjoy the moment and relax. Finally had the time to travel, sleep, and read :-) Having visited Portugal, Sweden, and little bit of Poland the time has come to review the photos and update my diaries (well, this blog, actually I am too lazy to have a real diary, handwriting can take hours!). So there it is, the first part of my holiday photo loot - south Portugal (Algavre region). More coming soon.

Sunset in Lisboa

Seashore in Algavre