192. say yes to shorts in winter

Today wearing: dotted shirt - pull&bear, cross hight-waist denim shorts - primark, black vest - h&m, floral bag -  river island, brooch - mum's, wedges - new look

Song of the day: Breezeblocks - Alt J

'Muscle to muscle and toe to toe
The fear has gripped me but here I go'

ENG: Officially it is spring time. As you can see on the photos attached, here in Poland weather doesn't really care about what is official, and it's giving a hard time to all of us. Hope that will pass soon, because my wardrobe is stuffed with plenty of floral-pattern, light spring clothes which are suffering (so am I, as I cannot wore them). Waiting for the Sun to come, here goes my second this year (HERE you can view the first) outfit with shorts. I bought this cross-pattern ones with a giant discount during my London trip in January and I really like the fact that they are truely high waisted (not an easy feature to find in Polish shops).

photo: kuba 

12 komentarzy:

  1. ale super wyglądasz! idealny zestaw!!!

  2. bardzo podoba mi się ta stylizacja! super koszula i buty! i Twoje włosy!


  3. buty! <3
    Od dawna o takich marzę!

  4. obsessed! polka dots, cut out cardigans, print mixing, black and white, and the most beautiful floral bag ive ever seen?! this look is genius xo


  5. świetnie wyglądasz, bardzo lubię Twojego bloga:)

    zapraszam: www.czarno-to-widze.blogspot.com

  6. Piękny, niecodzienny i bardzo oryginalny look:) Podoba mi się połączenie tych wszystkich wzorów:) Pozdrawiam ciepło, Madlen.

  7. dobra piosenka dnia i super look :d

  8. Świetny look :) Wszystko bardzo mi się podoba ;)
    Obserwuję i pozdrawiam kochana :)

  9. Super! Przy okazji zapraszam do nowego sklepu odzieżowego on-line! Jeśli jesteś fanką Aloha From Deer lub Local Heroes to coś dla Ciebie! http://tinycarriestore.pl/