210. galaxy dress

Wearing: galaxy dress - romwe, jacket - bershka, ballerina shoes - &m, bag- tiger shop, belt - sh, sunglassess - new yorker

Song of the day: Enjoy the ride - Kerwella

'We were born hungry, we'll never get enough
'Cause we're only here this once'

EN: I'm in the middle of realisation of the big project I've been working on last 6 months - international conference for  over 300 delegates and I must admit I am exhausted. Fiding a moment to take care of photos from last weekend makes me relax at least a little bit :-). So today I upload some shoots in my galaxy dress (my first loot from Romwe shop actually, as I've never done such international asian shopping before). I must say I'm pretty satisfied with this piece (the dress was very cheap and has amazing print), but it's definately made for someone shorter at least by a head than me (so without belt its not really working). Well, I guess that going to the real shop and having the opportunity to try clothes on before buying them is still best option for me.

photo: kuba


209. peach scarf and oversize coat

Wearing: oversize coat - tally weijl, boots - urban outfitters, bag - guess, scarf - c&a

Song of the day: Ribs - Lorde 

'My mom and dad let me stay home
It drives you crazy getting old'

PL: Zdjęcia, które udostępniam dzisiaj mają jakieś 3 miesiące (widać nawet choinkę na Długiej w tle..), ale dzielę się nimi, gdyż obrazują one dość akuratnie jak wyglądam ostatnimi czasy - mój ulubiony płaszcz, czarne botki, naturalne włosy (no, prawie, bo robi mi się 'ombre' od nigdyś rozjaśnionych). Natłok obowiązków zaabsorbował czas przeznaczany zwykle na spacery, zdjęcia i pisanie bloga. Jeszcze trochę (mniej więcej po napisaniu pracy licencjackiej) i planuję ruszyć z nowym projektem - będzie co opisywać, bo w przyszłym semestrze jadę do Dortmundu w ramach projektu Erasmus (nie muszę chyba pisać, jak bardzo się ekscytuję :-).

ENG: Those pics were taken almost 3 months ago (you can see christmas tree in the background..), however I feel like they should not have been forgotten - this is my current casual look - oversize coat, boots & (almost) natual hair :-) I do not have much time to relax and blog, as I have really much work recently, but soon I plan to start a new project (new blog..?), as I am going to study abroad in Dortmund thanks to Erasmus student's exchange programe - I am so excited! :-)

photo: kuba / biotechnology 


208. black cape

Today weraing: black cape - stradivarius, striped dress - primark, shoer - deezee.pl, sunglasses - mohito.

Song of the day: You, my everything - Ellie Goulding

'You were my backbone when
my body ached with wearyness
you were my hometown when
my heart was filled with loneliness.'

Spring is coming.

photo: kuba / biotechnology