205. Tabelina green beanie

Today wearing: pantera shirt - cubus, skinny jeans, bag - atmosphere, scarf - C&A, green sneakrers - converse, beanie - Tabelina 

Song of the day: Pumpin Blood - NoNoNo

'It's a magical feeling that no one's got a home
You're out calling, still young, happiness in all'

ENG: Walking in the park on the autumn day I was admiring the beauty of this season - very inspiring when it comes to styling ;-) Kept warm by the Tabelina beanie (by the way, did you know that dragonfly is the symbol of dreams coming true?)  Luckily I managed to survive the sudden drop of temperatures with style. Brr! 

photo: kuba

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  1. Śliczne zdjęcie ;d

    Zapraszam do mnie :
    Oraz do polubienia mojego pofilu na facebooku :

  2. pięknie wyglądasz, tak naturalnie, bez przerysowania :)