195. weekend trip: Oslo

Where? Oslo, Norway
About the place: I visited Oslo twice this spring break - it was my stop on the way to and from Iceland. Having spend two days in this beautiful Norge city I was really lucky to catch such a sunny weather (not warm, though, as it was about 5-10 C degree). Main street of Oslo (form the tourist view perspective) is Karl Johans Gate, which goes from the Oslo Central Station and the port to the Royal Palace. You can find there lots of interesting shops (Bik Bok is the scandinavian chain shop worth noticing!) and food (Hard Rock Cafe and my beloved Ben&Jerry's ice creams, yummy!). I spent end of the day on a sightseeing boat tour around the fjord - the sunny weather made the views really breathtaking. Oslo is a great option to visit during the weekend, though I must admit it is very expensive, especially when it comes to the food.

Beautiful views in Oslo's port:

Food, food, food:

Port and Karl Johans Gate views:

Trip round the fiords:
photo: biotechnology, mum

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  1. cóż to za dziwna notka?jakby tłumaczona jakimś mało poradnym translatorem

  2. Moje marzenie, odwiedzić Oslo! Zazdroszczę :)

  3. Świetne zdjecia ;) Zazdroszczę!


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