187. travel time: Seefeld, Austria

Where? Austria. Cities: Telfs, Seefeld, Innsbruck
About the place: Seefeld is ski resort that offers entertainment for everyone: the biggest and the smallest. Except of skiing (traditional or country cross) one can skate here, ski jump, use toboggan or relax in thermes. I found the place very family friendly (the nightlife is rather poor, so it might not be a perfect place for all-day-all-night-party types of holidays, though I was travelling with my family so didn't have much chance to conduct a deeper reaserch). One is sure - without a car travelling here would be extremely hard. I was living in Telfs, which is 15km far from Seefeld and each day we have traveled through very winding and extremely picturesque mountain road. As you can see on the top picture, the views were breath-taking. Actually I think that the view from Seehohe (2045m) was the best in the category of mountains I have seen so far.

The tourist attraction that I loved (though, on the visiting day I felt really sick which I deeply regret, because the place was worth to sacrifice more time than I was able to) was Swarovski Museum (Kristallwelten). If you are amatour of everything that blings, this is exactly place for you. I was personally most enchanted by the bling bling sofa, lined with little Swarovski elements, that was placed in the giant Swarovski shop (the down right corner of the photo below).

Unintentionally it occured that we arrived to Austria just in time of the biggest carnival celebration. As I discovered later on my first German lesson after oliday break, German speaking countries tend to celebrate carnival very loudly. Although the carnival starts on 11.11 at 11:11 the real celebrations begins after New Year. The last week before Ash Wednesday is the most intense one. We happend to be in the Seefeld town center just in time to see the Rosemontag celebration. This tradition of loud parade through the city in order to chase evil spirits and awake good one attracts crowds of citizens and tourists with colorful costumes and loud music (and a whole lot of hot wine.

Innsbruck wasn't really our aim this year, as we saw it last year on a family holidays. The weather was not in favor so I don't really have much photos (except of a strange photo with big eyes and a hat below :-).

Skiing in Seefeld was an extraordinary experiance. Such a beautiful weather as presented below happened only twice, but the views were outstanding anyway. When it snowed, I spend my time on an ice rink or at the swimming pool or, mostly I must admit, drinking hot wine/chocolate and reading  books.

I feel full of energy and ready to face next semester that surely won't be a piece of cake (77 ECTS might be just a little too much, after all. But you always have to look to the future with a smiley face :-).  I managed to pass all of my exams in the first term and I hope to repeat this performance in June, so I could travel a lot in summer! :-)


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